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7 Steps Digital Business Success

How to Start, Grow & Succeed in Online Business

Built With You

Our Workshop Streamlines Digital Marketing Aspects Into Step by Step Roadmap Ready to Use as an Automated Digital Sales Machine


There is confusion when business owners & marketing professionals initiate digital marketing in their company. At the heart, digital marketing is just like traditional marketing – the fundamental strategies are the same. The difference is only in the tools & channels that we use to run it.

Unfortunately, information about Digital Marketing is everywhere but it comes in bits & pieces.

Building a website, setting SEO, placing ads in Google & Social Media, email marketing, optimization are some of those fragments that we see every day but fail to position correctly to draw a clear picture of the Digital Marketing game.

Sanjay Kasey has created a proprietary methodology that sequentially assembles the entire digital marketing aspects into crystal clear steps. The methodology is 7 Steps Digital Business Success.

Our workshop embarks you into an exciting journey of exploring the huge potential of Digital Marketing strategies that has brought fortune for companies that knows how to unleash the power of it.

In 7 Steps Digital Business Success, You will Learn … 

Phase 1

Set Up

Assemble The Sales Machine  

At this phase, you are building the foundation of your digital business.

Foundation of any business – both offline & online – depends on your product / services, your store & your client database.

Do this correctly & you are having bigger probability succeeding in your business.

This phase comprises of 3 crucial steps to start your business.

Step 1 – Do Research

How to do research to pick high selling goods or services to sell & find your ‘ready to buy’ target market.  

Step 2 – Make Website

How to make website that instantly makes visitors trust your company & purchase your goods or services.  

Step 3 – Build Database

How to build highly motivated potential clients database & automate the marketing & selling process.  

Phase 2


Bring Traffic & Make Them Buy   

The lifeblood of any business depends how it gets flood of potential clients & convert them into buyers.

This phase reveals you the latest tactics how to acquire them & then build relationship that seamlessly make them lifetime valuable clients.

Do this correctly & you are on your way to have cash rich thriving business.

This phase comprises of 3 crucial step to grow your business.

Step 4 – Get Found via

Search Engine & Social Media

How to get found by potential clients with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & in Social Media.

Step 5 – Run Ads

How to choose the precise online advertisement channels that target the correct potential clients  


Step 6 – Grow Relation & Sell

How to grow relationship with clients & make them lifetime buyer.  


Phase 3


Analyse Results Optimise Outcome

The sustainance of any business depends on how it measures, tracks & improves it business activities.

This phase shows you how the entire digital business results are analysed, corrected & optimized for better results.

Do this correctly & you are on your way to get never ending improvement.

This phase comprises of 1 crucial step to get maximum results.


Step 7 – Analyse & Optimise

How to analyse results then change the affecting components or just simply optimise it. 

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